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Innovation is happening every day in the life sciences field, and at QIAGEN, we're committed to supporting it. That means we're also committed to bringing innovative new products to the market so the researchers and lab workers we serve always have cutting-edge, high-quality tools to work with.

We're thrilled to share our latest products and explore how they can empower our customers' day-to-day work.

Microbiome and Microbiology Research

The new TissueLyser III builds on the success of the TissueLyser II with several enhanced features, including high throughput, a larger maximum sample size, improved clamping, and an intuitive touch screen that makes protocol selection simpler.

CGT Viral Vector Lysis Kit

CGT Viral Vector Lysis Kit

Use just one kit and one protocol solution for AAV lysis, enabling standardization and quality control (QC) of current workflows while providing consistent and reproducible measurement of viral titers for multiple serotypes (e.g., AAV serotypes).

Combined with QIAcuity Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) dPCR Assays, it provides a complete workflow solution and accurate measurement of AAV titers on the QIAcuity Digital PCR System.

QIAwave Kits

QIAwave Kits

We're committed to lowering our impact on the environment and creating products that help labs operate more sustainably. Our new QIAwave Kits advance this mission with design modifications that reduce waste in manufacturing and cut down on unnecessary plastic use – all without impacting the product's performance.

Coming soon:

  • QIAwave DNA/RNA Mini Kit
  • QIAwave RNA Plus Mini Kit

Available now and with smaller pack sizes coming soon:

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