Instruments for QC

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could predict the quality of your samples or even the outcome of your experiments by simply looking at the sample tubes? QIAGEN automation makes it almost that easy by providing simple, reliable and cost-efficient ways to quickly perform sample quality control, so you can get to know your samples better.

Reliability and reproducibility of quality control steps are often neglected and underestimated. Automating these important procedures standardizes work and data management, providing peace of mind and simplifying experiment troubleshooting.

No single technology is capable of assessing all QC parameters within analysis workflows, but together, the QIAxpert, QIAxcel Advanced and PyroMark systems can conveniently cover all your QC needs. All QIAGEN instruments offer flexible throughput, convenience of use and state-of-the-art analysis solutions with competitive pricing per sample, so you can reap maximum benefits from automating your workflows.

Assessment of various QC parameters by QIAGEN automation solutions.
QC Parameter QIAxpert QIAxcel Advanced PyroMark
Quantity + + +*
Purity +

Size distribution


Save time and money and gain peace of mind by moving forward only with the worthwhile samples!

Find out more about important parameters to assess for sample QC:

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