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TB Management

Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers (HCWs) are at increased risk of tuberculosis (TB) infection compared to the general population (1,2). Transmission of TB bacteria in healthcare settings can occur from HCWs to patients, patients to HCWs and between HCWs. Virtually every country in the world, regardless of their TB incidence, has reported the spread of TB in healthcare settings to both patients and HCW (2).

How can we protect HCWs (and patients) in healthcare settings from TB?

In its most recent 2021 guidelines, the World Health Organization (WHO) identifies HCWs as a specific group that merits consideration for screening in health facilities, given the potentially high level of occupational exposure and the risk of further transmission to patients (3).

This recommendation includes systematic latent TB infection (LTBI) testing of HCWs in countries with both high and low TB prevalence.

Countries should make a decision regarding systematic testing and preventative treatment for LTBI with consideration of the local TB epidemiology, health infrastructure, capacity to exclude active TB reliably and overall health priorities.

QFT-Plus delivers swift, precise TB test results for a speedy onboarding process for healthcare workers. Note this video provides a perspective based on US testing guidelines.

Either a tuberculin skin test (TST) or an interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA), like QFT-Plus, can be used to test for LTBI.

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus (QFT-Plus) is an IGRA that helps ensure rapid and reliable onboarding, while also serving a critical role in risk-based TB testing and active TB contact investigations.

Dr. Steve Young leads a reference lab in New Mexico, supporting a network of hospitals that rely on his team for the state’s infection control program. See how they evaluated the TST and IGRAs, and then chose QFT-Plus as their trusted solution for TB screening and prevention.

Watch this video to understand why TB is still a concern in low TB-incidence countries, like Italy, and what we can do about it. Prof. Paolo Durando works at the department of Health Sciences School of  Occupational Medicine in the University of Genoa. In this video, he describes national guidelines for TB infection testing for HCWs as stated in “The role of occupational physician in the management and prevention of tuberculosis in the occupational settings” and published by the National Guideline System by the Italian National Institute of Health in September 2021.

Streamline onboarding with QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus
QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus provides accurate, single visit TB testing.
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QFT-Plus is an in vitro diagnostic aid for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. QFT-Plus is an indirect test for M. tuberculosis infection (including disease) and is intended for use in conjunction with risk assessment, radiography, and other medical and diagnostic evaluations. QFT-Plus Package Inserts, available in multiple languages, as well as up-to-date licensing information and product-specific disclaimers can be found at www.QuantiFERON.com.