We've expanded our bulk OEM enzyme portfolio

Custom Enzymes

Continuous development in product breadth and production capacity is at the heart of our Strategic Partnerships & OEM team. As a developer of innovative products for molecular biology markets, you need an OEM partner with an immense production capacity, a reliable supply chain and an ever-growing product portfolio.

We are proud to announce the final integration of QIAGEN Gdańsk (formerly BLIRT SA acquired in May 2022), a leading European manufacturer of enzymes. As a result of this integration, we have increased our production capacities and research facilities, allowing us to support the development of more enzyme products and customization projects for our OEM customers.

Experts in enzyme production are available to assist with projects for customized and standardized recombinant enzymes, as well as other molecular biology reagents. Adding to our already extensive OEM portfolio, we are now able to offer new products including high-demand Proteinase K and RNase Inhibitor to our OEM customers.

Our new facilities in central Europe widen our geographic presence, ensuring continuity of deliveries to new and existing customers. Learn more about the new Strategic Partnerships & OEM offerings for bulk enzymes to complement your commercial molecular assays, NGS technologies and workflows that may include DNA or RNA purification.

Information about ongoing EU projects

Take a look at our new manufacturing facility and meet our experts in protein and enzyme production.
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