1. There is no minimum order requirement, so that the CUSTOMER may, at its sole discretion, purchase through the SITE as many PRODUCTS offered for sale by QIAGEN as they wish.
  2. The PRODUCTS selected by the CLIENT will then be allocated to a virtual shopping cart, being available to the CLIENT on the SITE to close the order within 2 (two) weeks after the selection of the PRODUCTS.
  3. Once the order is closed, it will be submitted to QIAGEN, to check the stock of the selected PRODUCTS. Whether the PRODUCTS are available or not in QIAGEN's stock on the date of receipt of the order, QIAGEN will inform the CUSTOMER accordingly by e-mail, applying the terms and conditions of Clause 4 of this instrument.
  4. The acceptance of formalized orders by the CLIENT is subject to final validation by QIAGEN, for confirmation of stock of the PRODUCTS. QIAGEN may, at its sole discretion, refuse to sell the PRODUCTS to the CUSTOMER.
  5. In order to expedite the delivery of the PRODUCTS acquired by the CLIENT through the SITE, the CLIENT will provide QIAGEN, before closing the orders, with the following information:
  • Registration number with CPF or CNPJ
  • Name or full corporate name of the CLIENT
  • Number of the quotation made the PRODUCTS to be purchased, if applicable
  • Billing address of the CLIENT
  • Delivery address of the PRODUCTS to be purchased
  • Catalog number and description of the PRODUCTS to be purchased
  • Quantity of each of the PRODUCTS to be purchased

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