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REPLI-g Single Cell RNA Library Kit

For RNA library construction from single cells for Illumina sequencing applications
  • Unbiased, PCR-free single cell library construction
  • Comprehensive and accurate transcriptome profiling of single cells
  • Fast time-to-result through a streamlined protocol
  • Minimal bias and sensitive detection of low-abundance transcripts
  • High-quality libraries, ready for use on any Illumina NGS platform

Single cell analysis enables researchers to gain novel insights across a diverse set of applications, including developmental biology, tumor heterogeneity and disease pathogenesis and progression. NGS-based gene expression analyses often require large amounts of cDNA or RNA. Whole transcriptome amplification (WTA) overcomes limited RNA availability by enabling the analysis of a very small number of cells. The REPLI-g Single Cell RNA Library Kit allows reliable investigation of the transcriptome from a single cell with minimal bias. The kit provides unique WTA chemistry in combination with a highly streamlined library construction procedure, optimized to avoid library enrichment and minimize bias associated with PCR amplification. The innovative lysis buffer effectively stabilizes cellular RNA, ensuring that the resulting RNA accurately reflects the in vivo gene expression profile. All enzymatic steps have been developed to enable efficient processing of RNA for accurate amplification of cDNA, which is achieved with negligible sequence bias using innovative Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA) technology. The REPLI-g Single Cell RNA Library Kit leverages QIAGEN's unique MDA technology and GeneRead library construction technology to prepare a sequencing library with high fidelity and minimal bias, while retaining the sample's unique transcriptional profile.

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