For concentration and purification of free-circulating DNA, RNA, and miRNA from human samples
  • Concentrated nucleic acids; high input, low elution volumes
  • Efficient recovery of fragmented DNA, RNA, and miRNA
  • No organic extraction or ethanol precipitation
  • Removal of contaminants and inhibitors

The QIAamp DSP Circulating NA Kit is for concentration and purification of free-circulating DNA and RNA from plasma and serum for in vitro diagnostic use.

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QIAamp DSP Circulating NA Kit
For 50 preps: includes QIAamp Mini Columns, Buffers, Carrier RNA, QIAGEN Proteinase K, and Tubes.

The QIAamp DSP Circulating NA Kit is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

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The QIAamp DSP Circulating NA Kit provides ease-of-use in diagnostic workflows, and is manufactured in accordance with GMP requirements. The procedure isolates and purifies high quality nucleic acids for use in downstream applications. Tube extenders and vacuum processing on the QIAvac 24 Plus enable starting sample volumes of up to 5 ml (see "Tube extenders for processing on the QIAvac 24 Plus"). Flexible elution volumes between 20 µl and 150 µl allow concentration of nucleic acid species that are present in low concentrations.

The QIAamp DSP Circulating NA Kit uses silica-membrane technology for isolation and purification of circulating, cell-free, and viral nucleic acids.

The QIAamp DSP Circulating NA procedure includes 4 steps (lyse, bind, wash, and elute) that are carried out using QIAamp Mini columns on a vacuum manifold. Nucleic acids are efficiently purified and concentrated (see flowchart "procedure"). After performing the lyse and sample loading steps, purification of circulating nucleic acids may be automated on the QIAcube.

The QIAamp DSP Circulating NA Kit greatly simplifies the isolation of circulating DNA and RNA from:


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