PyroMark CpG Assays for Methylation Array Validation
PyroMark CpG Assays are the only genomewide, predesigned methylation assays for Pyrosequencing analysis that use a tailored design algorithm for highly specific assay design and successful CpG methylation results. We now offer predesigned assays for validating results from methylation arrays, such as the Infinium HumanMethylation450K and MethylationEPIC BeadChip arrays.
​Simply enter the CpG loci identification numbers (CG#) of interest to search our assay database and order ready-to-use PyroMark CpG Assays. If an assay is not already available for a particular target, one will be automatically designed using our dedicated algorithm and made available in our database.
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1 Important: PyroMark CpG Assays include a downloadable Assay Setup file. This file contains all necessary setup data including nucleotide dispensation order and assay-specific settings for efficient data analysis. Designed for use with PyroMark Q24 Software 2.0, PyroMark Q24 Advanced Software, and PyroMark CpG Software, Assay Setup files are continually updated with new information that improve the performance of the assay. Therefore, we strongly recommend downloading the Assay Setup file when purchasing a new PyroMark CpG Assay, and routinely checking for the latest version when running or reordering a PyroMark CpG Assay. To use the Assay Setup file, simply download and save it to a preferred folder on your computer. Open your software and add the folder with the Assay Setup file as a shortcut folder in the tree view.
2 The specific range of bases within a chromosome that is sequenced and analyzed with a given assay. This range is determined by the placement of the sequencing primer and the nucleotide dispensation order. The sequence begins at the first nucleotide after the sequencing primer and ends at the last nucleotide included in the "Sequence to analyze".
3 With the nucleotide dispensation order it is possible to manually set up the Assay file needed. For your convenience however, we make available Assay setup files for PyroMark Q24 Software 2.0 (if using the PyroMark Q24), PyroMark Q24 Advanced Software (if using the PyroMark Q24 Advanced), and PyroMark CpG Software (if using the PyroMark Q96 ID or PyroMark Q96 MD). Simply download the needed Assay setup file that corresponds to your system and save it to a preferred folder. Open your software and add the folder with the Assay setup file as a shortcut folder in the tree view.
Please use the assay setup file which corresponds to your PyroMark application software:
V1.pyrosetup for PyroMark Q96 instruments using PyroMark CpG SW 1.0
V2.pyrosetup for PyroMark Q24 SW 2.0 and PyroMark Q96 SW 2.5
V3.pcpg for PyroMark Q24 Advanced SW 3.0.
4 The chromosomal location is the precise location in the human genome of the sequence that will be analyzed by the assay. ChrX indicates chromosome number. The numbers that follow are the location on that chromosome of the first and last bases of the sequence that will be analyzed by the assay.
5 Defines the nucleotides and the order in which these are added to a reaction during the Pyrosequencing run. This sequence is included in the Assay Setup file provided with each assay. We recommend to always download the latest Assay Setup file prior to running a PyroMark CpG assay.

Enter one or more CpG loci identification numbers (CG#) from your Infinium HumanMethylation450K BeadChip results. Each request is currently restricted to 25 different assays. If you wish to purchase more than 25 assays, please submit multiple requests or contact us for assistance.
Enter only one CG# per line, or separated by a semicolon (;), comma (,), or tab. E.g., CG12345678; CG23456789; CG34567890.