Novel solutions for unbiased results in metagenomic analysis of human microbiome samples

This two-part webinar will focus on novel techniques for obtaining unbiased results in 16S rRNA gene sequencing of challenging microbiome samples. Part 1 will feature QIAGEN’s solutions for lysis of tough bacteria and fungi and removal of challenging enzymatic inhibitors in order to obtain sequencing-quality DNA from human stool samples. In Part 2, we will focus on QIAGEN’s novel technology for 16S and ITS sequencing. We will present data from a study showcasing the link between Body Mass Index (BMI) and the salivary microbiome.

Dominic O'Neil, Senior Scientist, QIAGEN GmbH

Dominic O'Neil
Dominic O’Neil has over 13 years of experience in the biotechnology industry. Before joining QIAGEN, he gained molecular biology expertise at several companies, including three years at the Whitehead/MIT Center for Genome Research in Cambridge, MA, where he participated in the completion of the initial draft of the human genome.  Dominic joined Digene (which later became part of QIAGEN) in 2004 to work on new technology research and development, focusing in particular on sample preparation and diagnostic applications.  In 2011, he joined the QIAGEN R&D group in Hilden as a Senior Scientist to work on solutions for next-generation sequencing