Characterizing the microbiome of neonates and infants to explore associations with health and disease

This webinar will focus on the acquisition and development of the preterm gut microbiome from birth and following discharge from intensive care. Specifically, we will discuss the association of the gut microbiome with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) and late onset sepsis (LOS), as well as the impact of birth mode. We will also discuss analysis of multi-omic datasets, including the analysis of the airway microbiome and metabolome in infants hospitalized with bronchiolitis.

Christopher Stewart, Ph. D.

Dr. Christopher Stewart’s research interests are focused on the diversity and ecology of microbial communities and host responses in clinical samples and ex vivo model systems. Stewart seeks to determine the microbial-host interaction in health and disease. His work has used molecular, culture, proteomic and metabolomic techniques to explore a range of clinical samples, primarily from early life. He ran a molecular sequencing and mass spectrometry lab, developing and optimizing novel mass spectrometry methods for profiling the proteome and metabolome of clinical samples. He has extensive experience in bioinformatics and statistical analysis of complex multi-omic datasets. He has also developed a novel ex vivo co-culture system using human resected tissue (enteroids) that allows validation of clinical experiments and aids mechanistic understanding. This research intends to elucidate the mechanisms of pathogenesis and potential biomarker discovery for a range of disease states.