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DNA isolation services
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For isolation of high-quality genomic DNA for use in most downstream genomics applications
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QIAamp PowerFecal Pro DNA Kit
For the isolation of microbial DNA from stool and gut samples
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QIAamp BiOstic Bacteremia DNA Kit (50)
For the isolation of bacterial DNA from cultured blood, fecal and cervical swabs
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QIAamp PowerFecal DNA Kit (50)
For the isolation of DNA from stool, gut material and biosolids
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DNeasy PowerWater Sterivex Kit
For the isolation of genomic DNA from all filtered water sample types collected with Sterivex filter units
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QIAseq Targeted DNA panels
The QIAseq Targeted DNA Panels have been developed to detect low-frequency variants with high confidence by overcoming the issues of PCR and sequencing error. This solution is based on the use of unique molecular indices (UMIs) to deliver a digital sequencing approach. Since each unique DNA molecule is barcoded before any amplification takes place, unique DNA molecules can be distinguished from PCR duplicates or errors − opening the door for you to confidently detect low-frequency DNA variants with new levels of statistical accuracy.
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QIAGEN Quality
For high-throughput isolation of DNA from microbial culture
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DNeasy UltraClean Microbial Kit (50)
For isolation of high quality DNA from microbial cultures
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DNeasy PowerLyzer Microbial Kit (50)
For the bead-based isolation of high-quality DNA from microbial cultures
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DNeasy PowerFood Microbial Kit
For the isolation of inhibitor-free DNA from a variety of cultured foods
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