QIAgility Operating Software, version 4.17.1 (Windows 7 platforms or earlier)

Instrument operating software designed for flexible use in various applications. Use this software for all applications other than gene expression and pathogen detection. For gene expression and pathogen detection applications, we recommend using the QIAgility Setup Manager Software.

: It is not possible to install both QIAgility Operating Software 4.17.1 and QIAgility Setup Manager Software on the same computer. Please uninstall QIAgility Setup Manager Software before installing QIAgility Operating Software 4.17.1. For more information, contact QIAGEN Technical Services.

: QIAgility Operating Software is not compatible with CAS-1200 instruments. Download the latest CAS-1200 operating software.

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For use with QIAgility Operating Software version 4.17.1
Important note regarding new QIAgility declaration of conformity and instrument symbols
These protocol files can only be used with QIAgility Operating Software version 4.17 and are not compatible with the new QIAgility Setup Manager Software.
QIAgility Setup Manager Software offers a complete solution for qPCR setup optimized for use with QIAGEN kits. If you need a list of kits currently supported by the QIAgility Setup Manager Software, QIAGEN Technical Services will be happy to help you. Visit support.qiagen.com for country-specific contact information.

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