How do I retrieve the log file for PyroMark Q96 instruments?

This instruction is intended to retrieve log file for PyroMark Q96 ID, PyroMark Q96 MD/MDA, PSQ MA, and PSQ HS/HSA instruments

1. Power on both the operator’s computer and the PyroMark instrument. Wait until the Information LED on the instrument’s front panel is blinking.

2. On the operator’s computer, click the Start button and click Run…. A new window will open.

3. In the new window, type the string \\\C$ and click OK. A login window will open.

4. Log in with user name Administrator and leave the password field blank. Some instruments may have the user name Pyroservice and password floang.

Note: User names and passwords are case sensitive.

5. In the new window, sequentially open the “Pyrosequencing”, the “Instrument”, and then the “Log” folders.

6. Copy the “PSQXXXLog.txt” file to the Operator’s computer and send it to QIAGEN Technical Service for further assistance.

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