How do I export a run file from PyroMark Q96 instruments?

This instruction is to retrieve run file for PyroMark Q96 ID, PyroMark Q96 MD/MDA, PSQ MA, and PSQ HS/HSA instruments

The data collected by the PyroMark Q96 ID 1.0, PyroMark Q96 MD/MDA 1.0, and PSQ MA, and PSQ HS/HSA software is stored in an Oracle database. The original data are important for trouble-shooting. Follow these steps to export data from the Oracle database.

1. Launch the Pyrosequencing Data Exchange Tool application. Click File and select Login.

2. Uncheck Login to import database. Use “user” without the quotation marks for both user name and password. Click OK.

Note: The user name and password are case-sensitive.

3. On the next window, ensure that Environment variables and Analysis results options are checked. Click Export.

4. Select the run(s) that you want to export from the list on the left-side panel. You can export up to four runs in a single file. Ignore the field “Enter xsl file” file. Click the 3dot button next to the “Enter result file” field.

5. Select the location for the exported results file, and name the exported result file. Click Select and this window will close.

6. Click Export and wait for the message “Export done”. This may take a few minutes depending on the complexity of the assay and volume of data in the run(s). Click OK.

7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 if you want to export more runs. Otherwise, click File and select Exit to close the Pyrosequencing Data Exchange Tool application.

The exported result files typically are large. Please compress the files before sending them to QIAGEN Technical Service for further assistance.

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