Overcoming Limitations in Quantitative, Multiplex Real-Time PCR

Multiplex, real-time PCR is a powerful tool for gene expression analysis, viral load monitoring, genotyping, and many other applications. The ability to amplify and detect several genomic DNA, cDNA, or RNA targets in the same reaction vessel offers many benefits:

  • Conservation of precious samples — more quantification data per sample
  • Increased throughput — more targets analyzed per run on a cycler
  • Reliable results — no well-to-well variability due to coamplification of internal control
  • Reduced reagent costs — amplification of multiple targets in one reaction vessel

Dr. Andreas Missel

Dr. Missel is Director of Research and Development at QIAGEN, responsible for the development of modification and amplification technologies and products, such as reagents and assays for QIAGEN's standard and real-time PCR, RT-PCR, and HRM solutions. Dr. Missel received his PhD from the Gene Center at the University of Munich in molecular biology and biochemistry. He has been involved in various capacities in the biotechnology industry for more than 13 years.