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Instrument Integration for QIAGEN Instruments

For integrating your instrument directly to your LIMS/LIS and helping eliminate manual data entry
  • Workflow improvement and reduction of errors caused by manual entry
  • Tracking and logging with flags for quality issues
  • Comprehensive interaction modes with your LIMS/LIS
  • Bidirectional LIMS communication

Manage your continuous data input and deliver fast and accurate result reports with a fully integrated instrument. Instrument integration reduces errors caused by manual data entry, improves the quality of your workflow, and helps you get reliable results faster.

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Cat No./ID: 9245203
QIAstat-Dx LIS, Standard Integ. Service

QIAstat-Dx LIS Standard Integration Service ensures data transfer between instrument and LIMS/LIS that helps eliminate manual data entry for a fully automated workflow. Includes travel, labor and instrument integration.

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