Beads for use with TissueLyser systems


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    Tungsten Carbide Beads, 3 mm (200)

    Cat. No. / ID: 69997

    200 tungsten carbide beads (3 mm diameter), suitable for use with TissueLyser systems
    Tungsten Carbide
    Stainless Steel
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    QIAGEN provides stainless steel beads and tungsten carbide beads for use in sample disruption with TissueLyser systems. High-speed shaking of sample material and a single bead in a Collection Microtube or 2 ml microcentrifuge tube for a few minutes allows rapid and efficient disruption of the sample. Guidelines for use of stainless steel beads and tungsten carbide beads are provided in the handbook supplied with the TissueLyser instrument. For easy dispensing of beads into tubes, TissueLyser Bead Dispensers are available.


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    For high-throughput disruption of biological samples


    Can I use Tungsten Carbide beads for RNA extraction protocols using QIAGEN Kits?

    Tungsten Carbide beads react with lysis buffers e.g. buffer RLT, RLT Plus and QIAzol lysis reagent, used in QIAGEN’s RNA extraction kits. Therefore we do not recommend using the Tungsten Carbide beads with our RNA extraction kits.

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