STAR Q SP/AS Instrument

High-throughput sample prep and assay setup for human identity samples


  • Designed for efficient and safe use in high-throughput laboratories
  • Efficient yields from trace casework samples with trusted QIAGEN magnetic bead technology
  • Pre-validated protocols for sample prep, as well as, assay setup for quantification, normalization and STR setup using QIAGEN chemistries
  • Easy-to-use software ensuring minimal training requirements
  • Fast setup and implementation

Product Details

The STAR Q SP/AS Instrument automates sample purification from forensic and other human identity samples using the Investigator STAR Lyse&Prep Kit. The instrument also automates assay setup for quantification, normalization and STR assay setup for downstream PCR analysis. The STAR Q SP/AS combines QIAGEN’s expertise in performance and process safety with high-throughput liquid handling, to enable processing of up to 192 samples per day with no compromise in terms of quality or DNA recovery.

Please note: STAR Q SP/AS Instrument will be discontinued as of March 31, 2021. We recommend the alternative products: QIAsymphony SP/AS instruments or EZ1 Advanced XL. For more information, please contact QIAGEN Technical Services.


The STAR Q SP/AS Instrument is a high-throughput (HTP) liquid-handling platform designed for sample purification and assay setup from forensic and human identity samples. The instrument uses a dedicated ISO 18385 forensic DNA grade magnetic bead chemistry, enabling recovery of highly pure DNA for human- and male-specific quantification, STR analysis and other downstream applications. Magnetic bead chemistry is based on QIAGEN’s trusted silica technology, in a format designed specifically for high-throughput use. This ensures the most cost-effective use and the highest levels of process safety. Unlike other HTP liquid-handling systems, the STAR Q SP/AS comes with pre-validated protocols for sample purification and assay setup. While these pre-installed protocols allow ease of use and speed of implementation, lysis and elution volumes can be adjusted to enable optimal processing depending on sample type. Together with the Investigator Kits for sample prep, quantification and STR amplification, the STAR Q SP/AS provides a complete solution for high-throughput processing of forensic samples, combining capacity and speed with quality and process safety.


The STAR Q SP/AS comes ready-to-run, with all protocols pre-installed and fully tested. Our experienced application specialists will manage installation and training, and ensure the system is quickly up and running. Samples, reagents and consumables are loaded onto the instrument, which performs safety checks and barcode scans. The system then automates sample purification according to one of two predefined protocols, depending on sample type, and whether the Investigator Lyse&Spin Baskets – dedicated for lysis and filtration of forensic samples to remove solid sample substrates – have been used. Once reagents and consumables are refilled, assay setup is fully automated and uses protocols designed for QIAGEN Investigator quant and STR assays to ensure optimal workflow integration. All protocols and other system functions are selected and controlled using a simple-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI).


The high-quality DNA obtained using the STAR Q SP/AS Instrument and Investigator STAR Lyse&Prep Kit is suitable for direct use in forensic and human identity testing for applications, such as:

  • Genotyping, including fingerprinting and paternity analysis
  • DNA purification from trace samples (e.g., crime scene)
  • DNA extraction from filters used in environmental testing
  • Routine analysis of reference samples


Dimensions166.4 x 79.5 x 90.3 cm (65 x 31.3 x 35.6 inches) [Autoload: 100.6 cm (39.6 inches)]
Modal precisionx-y-z positional accuracy of 0.1 mm
Noise level<65 dBA (regarding EN27779) <46 dBA in standby mode
Voltage115 VAC / 230 VAC
Delayed action fuse – 600 VA115 V: 6.3 A (T6.3AL250) 230 V: 3.15 A (T3.15AL250)
Tip sizesLow and intermediate volume: 50 µl Standard volume: 300 µl High volume: 1000 µl
Power consumptionStandby power consumption: 100 VA Maximum power consumption: 600–1000 VA, depending on configuration
Weight145 kg (320 lbs.)
Temperature range15–35°C
HeatThe power consumed will be transferred to head, e.g.,: 600 or 1000 Watts of Heat = 600 or 1000 Joules/second
Installation categoryII
Work area dimensionsWidth (x): 121.5 cm (47.8 inches) Depth (y): 49.7 cm (19.6 inches) Height (z): 14.5 cm (5.7 inches) The maximum height for labware used on the deck is 14.0 cm (5.5 inches)
Frequency50/60 Hz ± 5%
Delayed action fuse – 1000 VA115 V: 10 A (T10AL250) 230 V: 5 A (T5AL250)
Maximum power consumption600 VA or 1000 VA (depending on configuration)
Pollution degree2
Deck capacity54 tracks (T) allow combinations of: maximum of 9 carriers (6 T) holding 5 tip racks or 5 plate positions per carrier
Relative humidity30%–85% (non-condensing, indoors)
Lifespan7 years based on 8 h/day, 5 days/week
Recommended computerIntel Core 2 Duo, ≥4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, 16x DVD +/-RW, DirectX 250 MB graphic card, MS Windows 7 Professional
UseIndoor use only
CommunicationUSB or RS232 with dual processor board Ethernet or USB with LAN dual processor board
AltitudeUp to 2000 m (6500 ft)


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