RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit

For preamplification of cDNA from small or FFPE samples of RNA for analysis on RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays


  • Preamplification from nanogram amounts of RNA
  • Amplification of 89 gene-specific cDNA targets
  • Minimal nonspecific reactions in downstream PCR arrays
RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit (12)

Cat. No. / ID: 330451

RT2 Nano PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit
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The RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

The RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit is designed for preamplification of cDNA from nanogram amounts of RNA (1–100 ng) specifically for analysis using RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays.


RT² PreAMP technology utilizes multiplex, tandem PCR to preamplify gene-specific cDNA with minimal bias. The RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit is designed for preamplification of first strand cDNA from 1–100 ng total RNA.

Following standard reverse transcription, the kit works with an array-specific RT2 PreAMP Pathway Primer Mix to preamplify an array-specific set of targets from the cDNA before gene expression analysis using an RT² Profiler PCR Array. Each RNA sample will generate sufficient cDNA for gene expression analysis on up to 4 different RT² Profiler PCR Arrays.


The procedure comprises 2 simple steps: 

  • First strand cDNA synthesis: The kit can be used to synthesize cDNA from up to 12 different RNA samples. The built-in external RNA control template, which is detected by the reverse transcription control (RTC) assays in the RT² Profiler PCR Arrays, allows the detection of reverse transcription inhibitors and ensures efficient first strand synthesis.
  • Preamplification of cDNA for pathway-specific genes: Each first strand cDNA synthesis reaction from 1–100 ng of total RNA can be amplified using up to 4 different sets of PCR array-specific primer mixes, allowing gene expression analysis on up to 4 different RT² Profiler PCR Arrays. The Side Reaction Reducer included in the kit eliminates the residual primers from preamplification, enabling accurate detection on PCR arrays.

To complete the PCR array procedure, the preamplified templates are mixed with an instrument-specific, ready-to-use RT² SYBR® Green qPCR Mastermix.


cDNA templates generated using the RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit in conjunction with RT2 PreAMP Pathway Primer Mixes are ready for gene expression profiling using RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays.


Can you use stained (H & E) sections with RT² PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit?
Yes, stained sections can be used with the RT² PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit.
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What is the recommended solution in which to store RNA samples that will be used as templates for cDNA synthesis?
For best results, all RNA samples should be suspended in RNase-free water. Alternatively, RNase-free 1 mM sodium citrate (pH 6.5) or 10 mM Tris buffer (pH 7.0) may be used. Do not use DEPC-treated water, as most DEPC preparations are contaminated with molecules that are inhibitory to reverse transcription and/or PCR. For long-term storage, RNA preps may be stored at -70 ºC in RNase-free water, or the buffers listed above, or precipitated in ethanol or isopropanol. In order to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles, it is recommended that frozen RNA samples be stored as multiple, single-use aliquots.
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