RT2 lncRNA qPCR Assay

For long noncoding gene expression analysis by real-time PCR


  • Designed against combined NCBI RefSeq & Ensembl GENCODE database
  • Assay availability for over 25,000 human & 10,000 mouse long noncoding transcripts
  • Each assay guaranteed for qPCR performance
  • Compatible with RT² First Strand Kit and RT² SYBR Green Mastermix
RT2 lncRNA qPCR Assay

Cat. No. / ID: 330701

For 200 reactions; mix of 2 gene-specific primers provided in solution (200 µl), with 10 µM of each primer

Product Details

RT2 lncRNA qPCR Assays are designed for SYBR® Green based, real-time PCR detection of long, non-coding RNAs. Assays are available for almost all human and mouse long non-coding genes annotated by NCBI and GENCODE.


RT2 lncRNA PCR Assays are designed using a computer algorithm which has been developed using an in vitro assay to ensure that the resulting primer sequences generate a single PCR product of the predicted size without primer-dimers or off-target amplification in 33 cycles of PCR amplification. The assay also ensures that the amplification efficiency of the primers is 100 +/– 10%. As a result, the algorithm designs highly effective primer sequences for SYBR Green based real-time PCR detection. RT2 lncRNA qPCR Assays are available for almost all human and mouse long non-coding genes annotated by the NCBI and GENCODE (see QIAGEN website for the version coverage).

For optimal performance, RT2 lncRNA qPCR Assays should be used together with the RT2 First Strand Kit for cDNA synthesis and RT2 SYBR Green Mastermixes for qPCR. These reagents have been formulated and pretested together with RT2 lncRNA qPCR Assays. The RT2 First Strand Kit includes a proprietary genomic DNA elimination step to remove any residual contamination in RNA samples before reverse transcription, thereby eliminating false positive signals. In addition, an artificial RNA control template is also included which can be used to follow the reverse transcription efficiency across samples and monitor against RNase contamination. Each of the real-time instrument-specific RT2 SYBR Green Mastermixes contains SYBR Green and an appropriate reference dye to match the instrumentation available in your laboratory. RT2 SYBR Green Mastermixes are available for all real-time PCR instruments from QIAGEN, Applied Biosystems, Bio-Rad, Stratagene, Eppendorf, Roche, and other major suppliers.


RT2 lncRNA PCR Assays are highly suited for detection of human and mouse long non-coding RNAs.


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