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EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit

For analysis of chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA

  • Experimentally verified ready-to-use antibodies
  • Sensitivity and specificity with high efficiency
  • Positive and negative qPCR primer controls for reliability

The EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit provides the specific antibodies, control IgGs, plus positive and negative control qPCR primers for a complete and reliable analysis of chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA.

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EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit (12)
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ChampionChIP Antibody Kit
The EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details


EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kits are available for transcription factors, modified or unmodified histones, and other nuclear factors. Both the ChIP-grade antibodies and control IgGs have been rigorously verified for their specificity and efficiency in chromatin IP experiments using different chromatin sources.

The EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit includes positive and negative control qPCR primers, ensuring the accuracy of ChIP analysis. The EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit yields very high signal-to-noise ratios when combined with the EpiTect ChIP OneDay Kit.

Available EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kits include:

  • Transcription factors:
    • RNA Polymerase II
    • p53
  • Histone acetylation
    • H3ac
    • H3K9ac
    • H4ac
  • Histone methylation
    • H3K4me1
    • H3K4me2
    • H3K4me3
    • H3K9me1
    • H3K9me2
    • H3K9me3
    • H3K27me3
    • H3K36me3
    • H3K79me3
    • H4K20me3
  • Unmodified histones
    • H3

Using the EpiTect ChIP OneDay Kit, chromatin from cells or tissues is sheared and then incubated and immunoprecipitated with ChIP-grade antibodies from the EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit. These antibodies enable precipitation of chromatin associated with the protein of interest. After purifying the ChIP DNA fractions with the EpiTect ChIP OneDay Kit, the amount of DNA enriched by the antibody of interest can be quantified by real-time PCR using EpiTect ChIP qPCR Assays or EpiTect ChIP qPCR Arrays.


The EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit is highly suited for the analysis of chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA. Among other applications, the EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit, when used with the EpiTect ChIP OneDay Kit and EpiTect ChIP qPCR Arrays or Assays, streamlines:

  • Identification of disease biomarkers
  • Characterization of signal transduction pathways
  • Examination of transcriptional regulation
  • Detection of epigenetic changes
  • Verification of ChIP-on-chip and ChIP-Seq data

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