EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kit

For automated isolation of cell-free (cfDNA) DNA from human plasma or serum on EZ1 Advanced XL or EZ2 Connect


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EZ2 Connect Tip Rack, Large Volume

Cat. No. / ID:  9027011

Rack for use with EZ2 Connect; for Large-Volume Tubes
EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kit
EZ1 Card
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EZ2 Connect
EZ1 Advanced XL
The EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

✓ 24/7 automatic processing of online orders

✓ Knowledgeable and professional Product & Technical Support

✓ Fast and reliable (re)-ordering


  • Fully automated cfDNA purification from up to 8 ml of plasma or serum​
  • Prefilled cartridges to ensure standardization and reduce human error​
  • High-quality cfDNA for downstream technologies like dPCR
  • Run times from 35 to 70 minutes (1–8 ml plasma)​

Product Details

The EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kit provides easy and fully automated extraction of high-quality cfDNA from up to 8 ml of serum or plasma samples. Magnetic-bead technology allows parallel processing of 14 samples on the EZ1 Advanced XL or 24 samples on the EZ2 Connect.


The EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kit allows fully automated processing of up to 8 ml without manual pre-enrichment or preparation of plates or tubes – saving time and tedious manual steps (see figure  Large-volume processing). Whereas automated systems for cfDNA are only fully automated for processing 1 ml plasma, the EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kit is designed for fully automated processing of any starting volume up to 8 ml plasma (see figure  Higher degree of automation).

Compared to kits from alternative suppliers, the EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kit allows faster extraction of cfDNA from the same sample volumes (see figure  Faster processing). Great linearity of cfDNA yields is achieved throughout the entire input range from 0.5 to 8 ml of plasma and  cDNA (see figure  Linear DNA yields).

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Cell-free DNA, such as tumor-specific extracellular DNA fragments in the blood or fetal DNA in maternal blood, is present in serum or plasma usually as short fragments of <1000 bp. EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kits enable efficient purification of these circulating DNAs from human plasma or serum using proven magnetic bead techology.


The EZ1&2 ccfDNA procedure is fully automated. Choose between the protocols for 2, 4 or 8 ml; prepare the sample tubes, place them and the EZ1&2 Cartridge into the machine and walk away. With the EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kit, 14 (EZ1 Advanced XL) or 24 (EZ2 Connect) ccfDNA samples can be processed in just 35 minutes (2 ml ​input volume), 46 minutes (4 ml input volume) or 70 minutes (8 ml input volume).

To allow flexibility, different starting volumes of plasma can be processed in one run with the standardized protocols after addition of appropriate volumes of PBS (see figure  Flexible starting volumes).

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cfDNA isolated using the easy-to-use and highly automated kit is ideal for analysis by downstream applications, including next-generation sequencing, qPCR and digital PCR (see figure  Comparable yields in dPCR).

The EZ1&2 ccfDNA Kit is highly suited for use in:

  • Cancer research
  • Non-invasive prenatal testing research (NIPT)
  • ​Transplantation research
  • cfDNA-based mutational and methylation analysis
  • ​Biomarker discovery
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Simon Hertlein, Eva Haenssler, Stefan Hey, Michael Otte, Siegfried Hauch and Martin Schlumpberger
QIAGEN Strasse 1, 40724 Hilden, Germany
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Can I use a different elution buffer?
No, the elution step is optimized for the buffer included in the kit.
FAQ ID - 3847
Can the kit be used on the EZ2 Connect?
Yes, the kit can be used on the EZ2 Connect. The following accessory is needed to run the kit on this instrument: 
  •  EZ2 Connect Tip Rack - Large Volume (cat. no. 9027011)
FAQ ID - 3845
Can the kit be used on the EZ1 Advanced XL?
Yes, the kit can be used on the EZ1 Advanced XL. The following accessories are needed to run the kit on this instrument: 
  • EZ1 Advanced XL Tip Rack - Large Volume (cat. no. 9027008)
  • EZ1 Advanced XL ccfDNA Card (cat. no. 9026964)

FAQ ID - 3844
What is the average amount of cfDNA present in 1 ml plasma?
According to an interview with Professor Dennis Lo published in QIAGEN News Molecular Diagnostics, Issue No. 5, 2002, healthy individuals have about 500–1000 genome equivalents (DNA) per milliliter of serum/plasma.
For cell-free-circulating DNA in plasma, the concentration can range from 1–100 ng/ml in healthy individuals.
FAQ ID - 3846