Rapid response to coronavirus

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A rapid response to coronavirus

QIAGEN is responding as quickly as possible to provide solutions to contain the spread of the coronavirus, a situation that the WHO has declared an international public health emergency. 

Despite containment efforts, the coronavirus outbreak is rapidly spreading throughout the globe with new cases showing up in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, and most recently in Germany. With cases turning up in airports, on borders, and on cruise ships - potential cases immediately create situations in which it becomes critical to isolate the patient and those who have come in contact with them. As more people are exposed, the global need for rapid diagnostics during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak plays a crucial role in containing the spread.

“Our global presence and operational set-up allow us to quickly ramp up production volumes as needed and to customize development and manufacturing solutions according to local demands,” says Manissero, “QIAstat-Dx syndromic testing solution has fast time to result, ease of use and an existing respiratory panel that makes it a potential key asset in this situation, and we are currently adding a 2019-nCoV strain panel which is a new Research Use Only panel to the pathogens covered by the test.” QIAGEN announced the worldwide shipments of the QIAstat-Dx test kits for SARS-CoV-2 in a Press Release published February 26th. Able to deliver a result in around 1 hour, testing solutions like QIAstat-Dx are invaluable for working out which pathogen might be causing a patient's symptoms and ensuring he or she is treated correctly and public health measures implemented.

QIAGEN is first and foremost ramping up the supply chain to meet the immediate demand for kits, supporting the set-up and preparation of Lab-Developed-Tests (LDTs) based on the protocol guidelines, especially until a commercially available solution exists – which is a goal QIAGEN is intensely working on.
We are currently adding a QIAstat-Dx Respiratory 2019-nCoV Panel which is a new Research Use Only version of the existing QIAstat-Dx Respiratory Panel. A potential key asset in this situation.

Davide Manissero, Chief Medical Officer, Infection and immune Diagnostics

QIAGEN is working to enable patient testing on high-throughput automation platforms, such as NeuMoDx and QIAsymphony. Dr. Davide Manissero, QIAGEN’s Chief Medical Officer, says that “this will allow labs to perform many and continuous PCR-based tests for cases while seeking to get new commercial tests on these platforms to patients who need them urgently.”

QIAGEN’s QIAamp DSP Viral RNA Mini Kit, QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kit, RNeasy Mini Kit, EZ1 DSP Virus Kits, and the EZ1 Advanced XL instrument are all part of the recommended diagnostic protocols published by the Chinese Authorities, the WHO, the CDC, and/or other agencies. QIAGEN has also built long-standing relationships with public authorities and laboratories worldwide, which are supported in their surveillance efforts and products, services, and R&D expertise.


Dr. Davide Manissero is Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs for Infection and Immune Diagnostics at QIAGEN where he heads up the rapid response to infectious disease outbreaks. QIAGEN has a strong track record in providing molecular testing solutions that have been widely used in previous viral outbreak situations such as SARS (also a coronavirus), Avian and Swine flu. These solutions included QIAGEN components such as sample extraction, PCR reagents, and instrumentation, and complete workflows.
Syndromic testing is useful in airports, on borders, on cruise ships – locations in which it becomes critical to isolate the patient and those who have come in contact with them.

Davide Manissero, Chief Medical Officer, Infection and immune Diagnostics

Since the onset of the outbreak, QIAGEN has ramped up their efforts in helping healthcare workers curb the spread of the disease by providing a range of solutions covering a large menu of applications, from low-throughput to high-throughput, in the detection of SARS-CoV-2.

The QIAGEN production team reacted to customer demands in delivering a syndromic solution for testing of the new coronavirus strain, shipping the QIAstat-Dx Respiratory 2019-nCoV Panel prototype cartridges for clinical performance assessment in China and Europe. 
Supporting healthcare workers
QIAGEN supports LDT protocols for emergency use for 2019-nCoV
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