Pure RNA – without genomic DNA contamination

RNeasy Plus Kits give pure total RNA in minutes and eliminate genomic DNA. With optimized protocols for a whole range of samples – even difficult-to-lyse tissues – you get even more flexibility. Repeatable yields of pure RNA mean certainty for even highly sensitive downstream applications. And with yields up to 100 µg, you get the RNA you want the easy way!

Choose the kit for your starting material:

For great yields from small samples, use the RNeasy Plus Micro Kit
For cells and easy-to-lyse tissues, use the RNeasy Plus Mini Kit
For fibrous and/or fat-rich tissues, use the RNeasy Plus Universal Kit
For high-throughput purification, use the RNeasy Plus 96 Kit

Your step-by-step visual guide to pure RNA

Improving RNA yield and quality is easy with the right protocols. These visual guides present methods to overcome common difficulties in RNA purification. Prevent RNA degradation, improve RNA yields, reduce genomic DNA contamination and more! Let our 18 years’ experience in RNA purification support your research.
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Get tips and know-how for greater success in RNA isolation!

Each poster focuses on different sample sources that present special challenges. You can also check out our Resource Center  to find a kit to match your needs. Let us help you get excellent RNA for your downstream analyses!
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