Fluo Sens integrated
For easy development of small mobile fluorescence detection systems
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  • Enables development of small handheld instruments
  • Minimal risk due to proven product
  • Robust and reliable
  • Highly sensitive
  • Up to 2 wavelengths at the same time

The Fluo Sens Integrated is an OEM business-to-business solution based on next-generation technology that enables fluorescence measurements at the point of need. The Fluo Sens Integrated is highly suited for integration into compact and mobile fluorescence detection systems or for online measurements in automated processes. This is a highly customized product. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A unique fluorescence measurement device
Miniaturized optics
Closed loop controlled excitation
Premium technology sensitivity and low noise
Intelligent, processor-controlled electronics
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With precise micro-optics, powerful excitation light sources, highly sensitive sensors, and microprocessor-controlled electronics, this compact and robust module comprises a complete fluorescence measurement device. Calibration data and correction factors can be stored in the detector and applied directly to the raw data. Measurement results can be accessed via a simple serial interface. External devices such as PCs, embedded controllers, or PLCs can readily access measurement results via the integrated serial interface.

ESE fluorescence measurement systems work with impinging light based on a confocal measurement principle. In contrast to the off-axis principle, the excitation and emission beam in confocal systems have the same, parallel course (see figure Comparison of the off-axis and confocal principle). In the detector, the measurement signal is extracted by a precise system of beam splitters and filters. This measurement principle works on arbitrary surfaces as well as in liquids. One of the major advantages of the confocal principle compared to the off-axis principle is the much higher flexibility regarding detector and sample positioning. When using the off-axis principle, accurate positioning of the sample is highly critical in order to get comparable results. In contrast, when using the confocal principle, the positioning of the sample is less critical.

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Based on ESE's unique technology, the confocal optics allow contact-free measurements on surfaces and in liquids in the presence of ambient light. The highly sensitive detector measures fluorescent samples with low concentrations and is easy to integrate as a component of your instrument.

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The unique fluorescence detector was developed using an uncompromising approach to both optical performance and implementation, for a wide range of applications. The detector is available in single- or dual-channel formats (each having separate excitation and emission). It uses confocal optics with small measurement windows for the assessment of liquids or solids.

The detector is also packed into a solid casing which protects the detector from dust and humidity and shields the sensor from electromagnetic radiation. Its lack of moving parts and low operating voltage (5V DC) make it suitable for use in hazardous environments without extensive further housing requirements.

Whether analysis is required in a reaction vessel, in-line, in transfer, recycling, packaging or shipping, the ESE fluorescence detector can provide information to improve product quality and yield, and can help decrease waste, without complicated operational and calibration requirements.

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The core technology is a miniaturized, confocal optical beam which was developed using state-of-the-art simulation tools. The separation of excitation and emission is carried out via a complex system of optical filters. Top of the line injection molding guarantees replicable high volume production resulting in an outstanding price/performance ratio.

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The newest LED technology replaces lasers and lamps in the fluorescence excitation. We benefit from the enormous light power offered by today‘s LEDs. The fact that LED power is temperature dependent is compensated for by an additional detector which regulates the power to an adjustable value. As a result, the detector provides a stable and long-term measurement signal.

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The photodiode and a low noise analog amp are integrated within the detector. This enables short signal paths and protection from EMC problems. The detector delivers a low noise (0-2,5V) output. The encapsulated module is quite simple to handle and can easily be integrated into OEM-Systems just by plugging it into a PCB.

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Together with the basic measurement electronics, the detector also consists of a temperature sensor and a memory chip, which stores specific sensor data such as calibration values, serial number, scaling etc. Data communication is performed via serial interface (RS232 or RS485). A superordinate system is able to read out data and use it for data processing. Therefore all ESE detectors are interchangeable.

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The Fluo Sens Integrated is highly suited to a range of applications, including:

  • Point-of-need testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Food testing
  • Brand security