ESEQuant LR3
For measurement of fluorescence or colorimetric lateral flow tests
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  • Small, standalone instrument
  • Customizable system with short time to market 
  • Simplified data input via state-of-the-art touchscreen 
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Hospital Information System (HIS) connectivity 
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

The demand for rapid point-of-need tests is continuously rising, fuelled by an ever-increasing need for instant results. The specialists at QIAGEN Lake Constance have developed a new generation solution for lateral flow tests at the point of need. The ESEQuant LR3 is immediately available as an OEM product.

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Software options and accessories
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The ESEQuant LR3 is an extremely sensitive, robust, and cost-effective measurement system for fluorescence or colorimetric tests. The powerful combination of a unique optical detection system, state-of-the-art touchscreen, and comprehensive developer’s Lateral Flow Studio Software provides an easy-to-customize and easy-to-operate lateral flow system.

Our starter kits are immediately available and can be rapidly adapted to various test strip or cassette formats. This fully developed lateral flow system enables you to speed up your R&D work, save costs, and shorten time-to-market for your rapid tests. After the initial phase, simply choose from a variety of options to make the tests easier and safer for your customers. Once you have decided on the instrument configuration, we can easily customize the design, the graphical user interface (GUI), and the branding according to your requirements.

The core of the lateral flow reader is the patent-protected, highly sensitive miniaturized detector, just twice the size of a matchbox, which detects either metal colloids and colored particles or fluorescence markers. The successful combination of proven components and future-proof technologies results in many benefits for you and for your customers, such as user-friendly input and output of all relevant data via touchscreen, bar code scanner, or an RFID reader. In addition, the reader provides LIS (Laboratory Information System) and HIS (Hospital Information System) connectivity and enables connection to cloud-based applications.
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Feature Description
Size (L × W × H) 236 × 215 × 104 mm (9.3 × 8.5 × 4.1 in.)
Weight Approximately 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)
Test format dimensions Flexible adaptation possible:
Dipstick: width 4–6 mm; length: <100 mm
Cartridge: up to 130 × 50 × 12.5 mm (L × W × H)
Optical system 2-channel confocal detector with LED excitation and photodiode detection
Signal detection Colorimetric and fluorescence
Fluorescence combinations
excitation/emission (nm)
470/520 (e.g., fluorescein); 365/625 (e.g., europium); 625/680 (e.g., DyLight).
Other combinations available with particular wavelengths (e.g., excitation 365 to 660/emission 460 to 720)
Colorimetric detection Colloidal gold, colored latex beads, carbon particles, etc.
Measurement time <30 seconds (for one wavelength channel)
Number of test strips Standard:one test strip
Optional y-axis: up to 5 (dipstick: width 5 mm)
Number of test lines per strip Up to 19 test/control lines per strip
Surveillance Internal calibration with solid standards
User interface Interactive 17.8 cm (7 in.) touchscreen
Connections 4 + 1 × USB, Ethernet, plus optional WLAN and Bluetooth
Memory capacity Up to 100 test methods and up to 1000 test results
Full standalone operation Data entry via touchscreen, bar code scanner, RFID reader
Multiple assays per run
User access control
Full traceability of results
LIS and HIS connectivity (HL7 interface plus optional POCT-1A)

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Lateral Flow Studio Software is a unique and comprehensive tool for the development of lateral flow tests in conjunction with the ESEQuant LR3. A wide range of options enables the test developer to easily and quickly develop a quantitative lateral flow test:

  • Method creator: Lateral Flow Studio Software allows you to create method files to read and interpret your lateral flow assays. Methods contain information such as number of lines, position of lines, signal interpretation, calibration parameters, and calculation of final results. Each test line can be processed independently. After completion, the method file can be easily transferred to the reader via USB, bar code, or RFID technologies.
  • Final result evaluation: calibration curves can be determined either automatically or manually. The software also includes an automatic curve fitting function. Use of cut-offs enables semi-quantitative evaluation of the results, and logical combination of several parameter results leads to one final result.
  • Data evaluation: Lateral Flow Studio Software simplifies statistical evaluation by determining the reproducibility of measurements. The user can select various algorithms for each quantitative test.

This comprehensive software enables test manufacturers to:

  • Save costs by using an all-in-one system
  • Speed up the test development process
  • Easily develop a next-generation lateral flow assay

A number of accessories are available for reading, interpreting, and documenting rapid tests at the point of need:
Accessory Description
Rechargeable batteries Can operate for up to 200 measurements without an external power supply
External printer Standard label printer
Bar code scanner Internal 2D or external 1D or 2D scanner

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The ESEQuant LR3 reader is ideally suited to a range of applications, including:

  • Point-of-need testing in diagnostics
  • Environmental testing
  • Food testing
  • Brand security


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