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OEM Portfolio Overview

Use this interactive tool to review our vast OEM components* portfolio. With OEM by QIAGEN, you can consolidate to one trusted supplier, saving time and money, with no compromise on quality. For your peace of mind, you need to know that you are working with experts. Click on a product or a category to learn more about the flexible OEM solutions for nucleic acid purification, enzymes, oligos, master mixes and more.

We are here for you to support you in every way possible during these strenuous times. At OEM by QIAGEN, we endeavor to be your trusted partner in the face of the current challenges. QIAGEN is working diligently to respond promptly to support all our customers as best we can. COVID-19 related projects naturally take precedence. To learn more about our efforts to fight Coronavirus go to qiagen.com/coronavirus.

Periodic table of kit components
VeraSeq 2.0 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase
VeraSeq Ultra DNA Polymerase
Phoenix Hot-Start Taq DNA Polymerase
Taq DSC 2.0 DNA Polymerase
Taq-B DNA Polymerase
TaqIT DNA polymerase
Manta 1.0 DNA Polymerase
Phi29 DNA Polymerase
BstX DNA polymerase
Omniscript RT
Sensiscript RT
EnzScript (MMLV Reverse Transcriptase Rnase H-)
5X WGS Fragmentation Mix
5X ER/A-Tailing Enzyme Mix
WGS Ligase
E. coli DNA Ligase
T3 DNA Ligase
T4 DNA Ligase
T7 DNA Ligase
Taq DNA Ligase
T4 RNA Ligase 1
T4 RNA Ligase 2
T4 RNA Ligase 2 Truncated
Poly(A) Polymerase
T7 RNA Polymerase
DNA Polymerase I
Klenow Fragment
Klenow (3'-5' exo-) Fragment
Mako DNA Polymerase (3′→ 5′ exo-)
T4 DNA Polymerase
T7 DNA Polymerase
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase
Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase
Thermostable Pyrophosphatase
End Repair Mix
E. coli fpg
Endonuclease VIII
Uracil DNA Glycosylase
10x Uracil Cleavage System
RNAse Inhibitor
T4 gene 32 Protein
Restriction enzymes
Unmodified oligos
Standard modified oligos
LNA oligonucleotides
Custom NGS Adapters
DNA from human blood
DNA from animal blood and tissue
DNA from human tissue
DNA from plant tissue
Viral RNA & DNA
DNA from stool
Total RNA
AllPrep DNA and RNA
Plasmid DNA
Microbiome DNA/RNA
Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC)
DNA Cleanup
QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kit
QuantiNova Probe PCR Kit
UCP Probe PCR Kit
QuantiTect Probe PCR Kit
QuantiTect Multiplex PCR Kit
QuantiNova Pathogen + IC Kit
QIAGEN One Step Ahead RT-PCR Kit
QuantiNova Probe RT-PCR Kit
QuantiNova Multiplex RT-PCR Kit
QuantiTect Probe RT-PCR Kit
QuantiTect Multiplex RT-PCR Kit
ZipScript™ One-Step RT-qPCR Kit
UltraRun LongRange PCR Kit
AllTaq Master Mix Kit
UCP Multiplex PCR Kit
UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit
HiFi PCR Master Mix
2X Lyo-ready RT PCR Mix
QIAGEN Proteinase K
QIAGEN Protease and Protease Solvent
RNase-Free DNase Set
QIAzol Lysis Reagent
Nuclease-Free Water
Deparaffinization Solution
RNAprotect Cell Reagent
RNase A
dNTP Set, PCR Grade 100mM
QIAGEN RNase Inhibitor
*The periodic table of kit components is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us to learn more about the complete OEM portfolio.

In developing PCR assays for diagnostics, applied testing, genomics, or other molecular biology applications, the choice of enzymes is vital to success. OEM by QIAGEN offers a wide range of enzymes catered towards industrial partners. We offer DNA/RNA polymerases, Reverse Transcriptases, Ligases, DNA modifying enzymes and more, serving NGS and diverse molecular fields.

OEM Capabilities:
  • Customized formulations of enzymes, buffers and buffer additives
  • Enzymes available as individual components or as part of customized master mix formulations
  • Contract manufacturing - process development, process scale-up, tailored QC criteria and processing
  • Protein engineering and design - codon optimization, site-directed mutagenesis, proprietary expression vectors, fusion tags, cell strains and induction system

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As manufacturers of molecular diagnostics assays, we understand the value of GMP-grade reagents when accelerating your time to market. OEM by QIAGEN offers highest quality oligonucleotides tailor-made to your specifications. We manufacture according to cGMP/QSR processes and are able to offer no-contamination guarantee for IVD-grade oligonucleotides. Our compliant oligonucleotides make it easier for diagnostic assay manufacturers to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

OEM capabilities:
  • Quality-grade options (LC, HPLC, IVD, Fast Track)
  • Tailored formulations and formats
  • Customized labelling
  • QC Support

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For reliable downstream molecular applications, purification of clean nucleic acids is key. QIAGEN’s trusted premium quality nucleic purification kits and spin columns allow for higher yields and high-quality isolation that ensures reliable results. OEM by QIAGEN now offers de-branded purification kits and components for industrial partners.

OEM Capabilities:
  • Individual components and/ or complete kits
  • Fillings, pack sizes, labelling/kitting - tailored to customer needs

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For accelerating your PCR assay development for diverse molecular applications, OEM by QIAGEN offers a variety of master mixes, from off-the-shelf to fully customized formats. Our master mixes are produced in GMP, ISO-certified facilities undergoing meticulous quality and validation processes utilizing high-quality reagents, making them ideally suited for many sensitive applications.

OEM capabilities:
  • Neutral packaging, tailored labelling, kitting
  • Customized formulations - many mixes are available as lyo-ready/lyophilized formulations
  • Specific components and reagents

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Buffers and reagents are vital components for quality and reliable functioning of any molecular assay. OEM by QIAGEN offers quality-certified, trusted buffers and reagents to complete nucleic acid purification kits or PCR assays for industrial partners.

OEM Capabilities:
  • Tailored filling, formats and formulations
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