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QIAGEN RNA-seq Grant 2021

Accelerate your research with a QIAGEN RNA-seq Grant worth up to $20,000

RNA sequencing can deliver unprecedented insights in numerous research applications – from biomarker discovery and gene expression studies to metatranscriptomics and viral epidemiology. Unlock the potential of our RNA-seq technology by applying for the QIAGEN RNA-seq Grant and you could be one of seven grant recipients.

Grants comprise of QIAseq RNA-seq and miRNA-seq kits or Genomic Services, with one grant worth $20,000 and six grants worth $10,000 each. QIAGEN RNA-seq Grants also include 16 hours of application specialist support for your lab.

All applicants will have the opportunity to discuss their project needs with a QIAGEN specialist and avail of exclusive special offers and significant discounts on QIAGEN solutions for transcriptome analysis.

How do I apply?

Simply complete a 5-minute questionnaire by September 20, 2021, to share your NGS applications and challenges with us, and you could be selected to receive one of seven QIAGEN RNA-seq Grants.

Got questions about completing the questionnaire? Get in touch at
With time rapidly running out for the world's rarest coral, Ctenella chagius, QIAGEN's NGS Award has bolstered future conservation efforts by providing me with the first ever glimpse of the genome of this enigmatic and cerebral denizen of the pristine reefs of the Chagos Archipelago.
Dr. Bryan Wilson, Researcher, Dept of Zoology, University of Oxford, Previous QIAGEN grant recipient
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