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World leader in Sample & Assay Technologies
Our automated systems and consumable products empower customers to transform raw biological samples into valuable molecular information. Our products are used in virtually all areas of science, focused on advancing knowledge about the molecular basis of life. More than one billion biological samples are estimated to already have been prepared or analyzed using QIAGEN technologies in laboratories around the world. We market more than 500 core consumable products as well as a number of instrument solutions to customers in 100 countries.

Attractive and growing markets
We sell our products to four major customer classes:

  • Molecular Diagnostics: healthcare providers supporting many aspects of patient care including prevention, profiling of diseases, personalized healthcare and point of need testing
  • Applied Testing: government or industry customers using molecular technologies in fields such as forensics, veterinary diagnostics and food safety testing
  • Pharma: drug discovery, translational medicine and clinical development efforts of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Academia: researchers exploring the secrets of life such as the mechanisms and pathways of diseases, and in some cases translating that research into drug targets or commercial applications   

    Track record of growth and innovation
    We have grown substantially in recent years with a flexible strategy that includes developing innovative new products, partnering, and acquiring companies or technologies to complement our portfolio and capitalize on diverse growth opportunities, including Personalized Healthcare and expansion into high-growth markets. QIAGEN is pursuing strategic initiatives that aim to:

    • Drive platform success: expand the installed base of our instruments, particularly the QIAsymphony automation platform, also leads to growing sales of our consumable test kits.
    • Add content: we continually bring new tests to market across all customer classes
    • Broaden geographic presence: we systematically establish and expand our presence in attractive markets around the world, especially high-growth emerging markets.
    • Grow efficiently and effectively: we pursue sustained growth and improved profitability through operational improvements and a culture that encourages focus, accountability and entrepreneurial decision-making.

      Strong financial position
      QIAGEN has a strong balance sheet, healthy free cash flow and significant financing capabilities. We are committed to maintaining our financial strength and flexibility while improving shareholder returns.

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