What possible reasons result in a sensitivity lower than that given in the artus® user handbook?
FAQ ID -1396

• The artus® Master was not completely thawed and as a result the concentration is incorrect.

• The artus® Master was not mixed sufficiently by vortexing.

• The Mg2+ solution was not completely mixed/thawed (where applicable) before being added to the artus® Master.

• The solutions were not sufficiently mixed and then centrifuged briefly.

• The PCR setup was not carried out on ice or in a cooler.

• The solutions were frozen and thawed too often (if possible do not thaw more than twice).

• During transportation the kits were not kept frozen permanently.

• Pipettes are not calibrated correctly.

• Pipette tips do not fit the pipettes.

• An extraction procedure other than those recommended was used.

• The extraction volume has been increased.