How can I prevent contamination?
FAQ ID -1395

• Stick to a three room strategy: Laboratory 1: nucleic acid isolation

                                                Laboratory 2: PCR setup

                                                Laboratory 3: PCR instrumentation/PCR run 

                                                -> if three rooms are not available, please perform nucleic acid extraction in

                                                    a facility spatially separated to the PCR laboratory

• Use pipette tips with aerosol barriers only.

• Store positive controls separately from negative controls.

• Always pipette positive after the unknown samples.

• After each pipetting of an unknown sample seal the reaction tube/capillary.

• Do not reuse capillaries, tubes, filter tips etc.

• Use different sets of pipettes for aliquotting artus® kit components and handling controls.

• In case of capillary breakage or when tubes unseal, clean the work area, including the thermocycler, with sufficient amounts of a DNA-decontaminating agent (hypochlorite or e.g. DNA-Zap by Ambion) or UV light.