Are real-time PCR results obtained with artus® kits quantifiable and how many standards are required?
FAQ ID -1388

With a few exceptions all artus® kits have been equipped with 4-5 quantitation standards (QS 1-4/5) depending on the individual kit's requirements. These QS tubes (red colored caps) contain plasmid DNA of defined concentrations (given in either copies/μl or IU/μl) in which the pathogen-specific PCR product was cloned.

For artus® RNA virus detection kits (West Nile Virus, Enteroviruses, HAV etc.) in vitro transcribed RNA obtained from cloned plasmids is provided. The plasmid concentrations have been determined by fluorimetry or calibrated with international standards where possible (e.g. HBV). This QS series allows plotting a standard curve for the determination of precise pathogen loads (stated in copy or IU values).