Which real-time PCR files should customers forward when they want their data to be re-analyzed by artus® technical support?
FAQ ID -1508

In general, all run files and result data should be forwarded.

For each real-time instrument these are the following files:

ABI PRISM®: *.SDS files

Rotor-Gene®: *.REX or *.REA (Rotor-Gene® archive) files

LightCycler® 1.x: *.ABT and *.FLO and *.TEM

LightCycler® 2.0: *.IXO files (ccc-file has to be imported into the file)

Generally, we recommend to forward all run files in a compressed file format (*.zip files) using the Winzip software (free download available at www.winzip.com). This prevents the files (especially LightCycler® files) from being automatically unpacked by e-mail browsers.

For the analysis of Rotor-Gene® files we recommend to save the experiment and forward the data as a compressed experimental archive file (*.REA).