Do you have an antibody for Western Blot Analysis of MAPK1 gene knockdown using your MAPK1 control siRNA?
FAQ ID -746

Yes. The Human and Mouse MAPK1 protein (also called MAPK2 or Erk2, GenBank accession numbers NM_002745 [human] and NM_011949 [mouse]) can be easily detected by western blotting using the MAPK1-specific Tag-100 Antibody. The Tag-100 Antibody was originally developed for detection of proteins expressed using QIAGEN’s pQE-100 DoubleTag Vector. It is also effective for monitoring gene silencing of human and mouse MAPK1 at the protein level since the Tag-100 epitope that it detects is derived from MAP Kinase.

Hs/Mm_MAPK1 control siRNA is one of QIAGEN's Control siRNAs, and is also included as a positive control in the RNAi Human/Mouse Starter Kit.