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Cignal Reporter Controls

For control experiments when using Cignal Reporter Assays

  • Highly suited for optimizing transfection conditions
  • Establish the specificity of any treatment effects
  • Transfection-ready constructs
  • High sensitivity and specificity

Cignal Reporter Assays provide a rapid, sensitive, and quantitative assessment of signal transduction pathway activation by measuring the activities of downstream transcription factors. When conducting experiments using Cignal Reporter Assays, proper controls are a key element of the experimental design. They permit accurate interpretation of reporter assay results and provide assurance of the specificity of the observed response.

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Cignal Reporter Controls
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Cignal Reporter Control
Cignal Reporter Controls are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Cignal Reporter Controls.

Cignal Reporter Controls are preformulated, transfection-ready constructs. Positive and negative controls are available for both dual-luciferase and GFP reporters.

The following controls are available.

Available controls.
Positive Control Assay (GFP)Constitutively expressing GFP gene. Easily measure transduction efficiency and optimize transduction conditions with green fluorescent protein (GFP)
Negative Control Assay (GFP)Noninducible, minimal promoter-driven GFP gene. Establish the specificity of any treatment effects and determine background GFP fluorescence
Positive Control Assay (luc)40:1:1 mixture of constitutively expressing GFP, constitutively expressing firefly luciferase, and constitutively expressing Renilla luciferase constructs. Measure transduction efficiency and serve as positive control for firefly luciferase assay
Negative Control Assay (luc)40:1 mixture of non-inducible firefly luciferase construct and constitutively expressing Renilla luciferase construct. Establish the specificity of any treatment effects


Cignal Lenti Reporter Control Assays are pretitered, transduction-ready lentivirus particles used for optimizing transduction conditions. Use standard procedures to transduce Cignal Lenti Reporter Control Assays into selected cells, and treat control-transduced cells in the same way as reporter-transduced cells.


Cignal Reporter Controls are a key element of the experimental design when conducting experiments using Cignal Reporter Assays. They are versatile tools for: 

  • Optimizing transfection conditions for a cell system 
  • Quantifying transfection efficiency 
  • Establishing the specificity of any treatment effects 
  • Determining background GFP fluorescence or luciferase activity 
  • Serving as an internal control for normalization

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