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CompactPrep Plasmid Maxi Kit

For fast purification of up to 750 µg molecular biology grade plasmid or cosmid DNA

  1. Purification of up to 24 samples in <60 minutes
  2. Low elution volumes for highly concentrated DNA
  3. Bench-top processing with no need for large centrifuges
  4. LyseBlue for optimum lysis and maximum DNA yield

CompactPrep Plasmid Kits provide fast spin column-based large-scale plasmid purification. Up to 24 samples can be processed in parallel in less than 60 minutes using a vacuum manifold (e.g., QIAvac 24 Plus). Handling of the samples is fast and easy. CompactPrep Plasmid Kits require use of a vacuum device (e.g., QIAvac 24 Plus). Note: CompactPrep Plasmid Kits do not contain QIAfilter Cartridges and require centrifugation for lysate clearing.
For optimal results it is recommended to use this product together with QIAvac 24 Plus.

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Cat No./ID: 12863
CompactPrep Plasmid Maxi Kit (25)
25 CompactPrep Maxi Columns, Extender tubes, Reagents, Buffers, LyseBlue
The CompactPrep Plasmid Maxi Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Microcentrifuge column format.
CompactPrep Midi and Maxi column in operation on a QIAvac 24 Plus vacuum manifold.
Low endotoxin levels.
Plasmid DNA was purified from 25 ml and 100 ml cultures of the indicated E. coli strains using the CompactPrep Plasmid Midi or Maxi Kit protocol. The endotoxin content of the purified plasmid DNA was determined using the Kinetic-QCL Kinetic Chromogenic Assay. The average endotoxin content is shown.

CompactPrep Plasmid Kits enable fast, large-scale plasmid purification. The use of a vacuum manifold allows up to 24 samples to be purified in parallel on a single workbench (see figure "Microcentrifuge column format").  Up to 750 µg plasmid DNA can be purified in less than 60 minutes from 100 ml (high-copy plasmid) or 250 ml (low-copy plasmid) LB medium. DNA is eluted in 200 µl and concentrations are typically 3–4 µg/µl. CompactPrep Plasmid Kits provide molecular biology grade plasmid DNA with low endotoxin levels (see figure "Low endotoxin levels").

Maximum plasmid yields using LyseBlue

LyseBlue reagent is now also included in CompactPrep Kits, ensuring DNA yields. Using a simple visual identification system, LyseBlue reagent prevents common handling errors that lead to inefficient cell lysis and incomplete precipitation of SDS, cell debris, and genomic DNA. LyseBlue is optional and provided in a separate vial within the kit.


CompactPrep Plasmid Kits provide a novel method for fast large-scale plasmid preparation. The procedure is based on a nonchaotropic binding chemistry, reducing the total preparation volume to miniprep scale. All protocol steps after cell harvest can be performed at the bench using QIAfilter cartridges, a vacuum manifold, and a standard microcentrifuge. The unique kit chemistry and design of the CompactPrep column ensure large-scale plasmid prep yields using a spin column format.


CompactPrep Plasmid Kits provide fast, large-scale, nonchaotropic silica-based plasmid DNA preparation. DNA binding and washing, using a spin column on a vacuum manifold (e.g., QIAvac 24 Plus), and DNA elution, using a microcentrifuge, enables the entire plasmid purification process to take place at the bench.


CompactPrep Plasmid Kits provide molecular biology grade plasmid DNA suitable for use in routine applications, including:

  • High-quality automated sequencing
  • Restriction digestion
  • Ligation and transformation
  • In vitro transcription and translation
  • Transfection of robust cells


Applications Automated sequencing, restriction digestion, transfection
Culture volume/starting material 50–250 ml culture volume
Plasmid type Plasmids, cosmids
Processing Manual (centrifugation and vacuum)
Samples per run (throughput) 1–24 samples per run
Technology Silica technology
Time per run or prep per run <20 min
Yield <750 µg

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