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PyroMark Q24 MDx Accessories and Reagents

For use with the PyroMark Q24 MDx
  • CE-marked as compliant with EU IVD Directive 98/79/EC
  • Highly accurate results for in vitro diagnostics
  • Reliable quantification of allele representation
  • Sequence information enables discovery of rare mutations
  • 1–24 samples can be analyzed in as little as 15 minutes

The PyroMark Q24 MDx uses proven Pyrosequencing technology for real-time, sequence-based detection and quantification for in vitro diagnostic use in Europe. PyroMark Q24 MDx Accessories are used in combination with the PyroMark Q24 MDx instrument.

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Cat No./ID: 9001515
PyroMark Q24 MDx Vacuum Workstation
Vacuum Workstation (220 V) for preparing 24 samples in parallel, from PCR product to single-stranded template
Cat No./ID: 971802
PyroMark Q24 Gold Reagents (5 x 24)
For 5 x 24 samples for use on the PyroMark Q24 MDx: Enzyme Mixture, Substrate Mixture, and nucleotides
Cat No./ID: 979010
PyroMark Vacuum Prep Filter Probe (100)
Reusable filter probes for PyroMark Vacuum Workstation Q96 and Q24
Cat No./ID: 979206
PyroMark Q24 Vacuum Prep Troughs (12)
Reusable plastic troughs for use with all PyroMark Q24 Vacuum Workstations
Cat No./ID: 979301
PyroMark Q24 Plate (100)
24-well sequencing reaction plate for use with PyroMark Q24 MDx; 100 plates in each package
Cat No./ID: 979302
PyroMark Q24 Cartridge (3)
Cartridge for dispensing nucleotides and reagents
Cat No./ID: 979303
PyroMark Q24 Control Oligo
For installation check of PyroMark Q24 MDx system
Cat No./ID: 979304
PyroMark Q24 Validation Oligo
For performance check of PyroMark Q24 MDx system
Cat No./ID: 979306
PyroMark Binding Buffer (200 ml)
For binding of biotinylated PCR product to Sepharose beads
Cat No./ID: 979307
PyroMark Denaturation Solution (500 ml)
For denaturation of double-stranded PCR product into single-stranded template DNA
Cat No./ID: 979308
PyroMark Wash Buffer concentrate (200 ml)
For washing of single-stranded DNA
Cat No./ID: 979309
PyroMark Annealing Buffer (250 ml)
For annealing sequencing primer to single-stranded PCR product and for Pyrosequencing reaction

PyroMark Q24 MDx Accessories are intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

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