mRNA NGS Seq Service

Every step of your mRNA sequencing, quality control and analysis is designed for success
Our mRNA NGS service enriches for poly-A tailed transcripts to increase the sequencing depth for coding mRNAs, which improves the sensitivity to mRNAs expressed at low levels. In addition, the library preparation retains information about which of the two DNA strands was used to transcribe a given RNA. This information provides increased confidence in transcript annotation and enables detection of antisense transcript expression. During data analysis, mitochondrial poly-A tailed transcripts are filtered, as they are considered to be high abundance sequences.

mRNA sequencing is recommended for discovery work and especially for differential expression analysis. Paired-end sequencing increases the mapping percentage to poorly annotated genomes and makes it possible to identify splice variants with much higher confidence. However, if differential gene expression is the primary goal of your project, we recommend single-end sequencing.


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