Biofluids miRNA NGS Seq Service

Get the best miRNA sequencing results from your biofluid samples
This service includes unique and proprietary protocols for the following:

  • High-quality RNA preparation
  • Locked nucleic acid (LNA) qPCR-based quality control to monitor RNA extraction efficiency, miRNA content, inhibition and hemolysis
  • Library preparation protocols optimized for biofluids with limited RNA content
  • Quality control of sequencing data reproducibility and linearity using >50 RNA spike-ins

Our service includes novel miRNA discovery as well as isomiR counts, enabling you to see precisely which miRNA sequences are expressed in your samples. Biofluid miRNA sequencing is offered for human serum and plasma samples and other species or other biofluids (e.g. urine, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva). The service supports discovery and validation of new non-invasive biomarkers for a range of diseases. Biomarker discovery projects usually begin with a genome-wide screening phase on a limited number of samples, performed either by a hypothesis-free NGS approach or by PCR profiling. From this genome-wide screening dataset, a smaller number of relevant RNAs are identified and the discovery phase continues. Once a biomarker signature has been identified (including relevant endogenous control RNAs), it is then validated on a large number of individuals using custom PCR panels. Crucially, assays to detect any novel RNAs identified by NGS may also be included in the custom PCR panels.


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