GeneRead QIAact Actionable Insights Tumor Panel

For actionable tumor insights from FFPE and liquid biopsy samples


  • Designed to enrich for the genes and variants most relevant to your research
  • Proven performance with the GeneReader NGS System
  • Verified for use with DNA from FFPE samples
  • The first panel to be integrated as part of a complete end-to-end NGS workflow

Product Details

The GeneRead QIAact Actionable Insights Tumor Panel was designed using the comprehensive and continuously updated QIAGEN Knowledge Base. The panel content has also been validated extensively with well-recognized US and European experts who have been conducting cancer research using NGS. The resulting design is a unique set of 773 variant positions in 12 genes for use with FFPE biopsy samples. With an unparalleled level of direct relevance you can have confidence in achieving actionable insights into only the most important variants for your research.


DNA sequencing is a useful tool to detect genetic variations, including somatic mutations, SNPs, and small insertions and deletions. Targeted enrichment technology enables next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform users to sequence specific regions of interest instead of the entire genome, effectively increasing sequencing depth and throughput with lower cost. The GeneRead QIAact Actionable Insights Tumor Panel uses multiplex PCR-based targeted enrichment technology in combination with a sophisticated primer design algorithm. This technique enables amplification and enrichment of specific targeted regions in the human genome for detection of genetic variation using NGS. Adjacent and potentially interacting primer pairs are separated into different pools for optimal performance. The GeneRead QIAact Actionable Insights Tumor Panel was designed to analyze a panel of genes and can be used with the QIAGEN GeneReader instrument. The targeted enrichment process is essential for the efficient utilization of medium-throughput sequencers such as the QIAGEN GeneReader.
The GeneRead QIAact Actionable Insight Tumor Panel was optimized in combination with the GeneRead DNAseq Panel PCR Kit V2 to provide superior sensitivity and linear multiplex amplification. The simplicity of the PCR method makes this panel accessible for routine use in every clinical research laboratory.
The panel leverages the expertly curated QIAGEN Knowledge Base, which focuses only on clinically relevant findings such as approved therapeutics labels, professional association practice guidelines and active late-stage clinical trials. The resulting design is a unique set of genes and variants with an unparalleled level of direct relevance that provides necessary and sufficient insights.


The GeneRead QIAact Actionable Insights Tumor Panel covers specific hotspots and is designed to detect SNVs and small (<20 bp) InDels in selected genes and/or regions using as little as 40 ng genomic DNA in 3 hours for a 4-pool panel. Genomic DNA samples are combined with the primer mix and PCR reagent, and PCR is performed in a standard thermocycler. After the reaction is complete, the reactions for each sample are pooled and the enriched DNA is purified. The purified DNA is then ready for NGS library construction and sequencing using the QIAGEN GeneReader.


For targeted enrichment prior to next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications that use the QIAGEN GeneReader instrument