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QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) Analyze Universal

QCI Analyze offers all the tools you need to guide your NGS data analysis.
 - Role-based permissions for running, editing, reporting and customizing workflows
 - Fast and reliable globally-recognized algorithms
 - Unique user capability to filter, confirm or reject variants within the review process
 - Concise transparent reporting
QCI Analyze offers all the tools you need to guide your NGS data analysis together with the GeneRead QIAact targeted panel family on the GeneReader NGS System. QCI Analyze fully complements the GeneReader, from the setup of sequencing reactions to the automated analysis of sequencing results. The software includes optimized read alignment, variant calling, filtering and integrated visualization so your lab can confirm the analytic validity of your results. After reviewing your quality control (QC) reports and variant data in QCI Analyze, you can continue your interpretation of NGS variants in QCI Interpret.

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Cat No./ID: 188001
QCI Analyze
Secondary analysis platform including Actionable Insights Tumor Panel Workflow
Cat No./ID: 188002
QCI Analyze MNT (5 nodes) GR
QCI Analize MNT (5nodes) GR
Cat No./ID: 830363
QCI Analyze License
QCI Analize License
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QCI, Integration and Deployment Service
QCI, Integration and Deployment Service
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QCII, Test Product Setup Service
QCII, Test Product Setup Service
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QCI, Professional Services, Advance
QCI, Professional Services, Advance
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QCII, GR, Test Product Setup Service
QCII, GR, Test Product Setup Service
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QCI Analyze, Uni, Pipeline Develop Service
QCI Analize, Uni, Pipeline Develop Service
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QCI Analize, Subscription
QCI Analize, Subscription
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Advanced Testing Solution Starter
Advanced Testing Solution Starter
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QCI A, Installation
QCI A, Installation
Cat No./ID: 9244887
QCI A, Basic Agreement 
QCI A, Basic Agreement 
Cat No./ID: 9244888
QCI A, Full Agreement
QCI A, Full Agreement
QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) Analyze is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

Product Details

QCI Analyze is the last component of the GeneReader NGS System Sample to Insight solution, performing the secondary analysis of FASTQ reads generated by the GeneReader and providing a graphical interface to investigate detected variants. The software can also export the valid variants as VCF into QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) Interpret.

QCI Analyze is a browser-based interface that uses the capabilities of the CLC Genomics Server and QIAGEN CLC bio algorithms to analyze Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. QCI Analyze can import NGS data, analyze it using a ready-to-use workflow, display results for inspection and if requested, connect directly to QCI Interpret.
QCI Analyze workflow

The QCI Analyze workflow provides streamlined and standardized analysis of the next-generation sequencing (NGS) data generated by the GeneReader. The workflow is automated, ensuring greater standardization and more accurate results. The QCI Analyze process includes:

  • Quality control to ensure that the quality of the data generated and analyzed meets specified criteria
  • Optimized re-sequencing workflows to convert the GeneReader generated sequencing files (FASTQ files) into interpretable results
  • Visualization to enable review and confirmation of sequencing variants

The workflow creates a web accessible interactive report that includes:

  • Summary results
  • Gene and variant level statistics
  • Detailed QC
  • Audit trail
  • A track list for a visual display of the variants

Administrator options enable lab-specific criteria for variant reporting, thus locked down workflows for the general user.
QCI Analyze is a secondary analysis software intended for the analysis of data generated by automated sequencers like the GeneReader.