PyroMark Supplementary Software

For expanded assay setup and analysis with PyroMark systems


  • User-friendly interface increases the range of analyses available
  • Driven by drop-down menus to ensure correct selection of parameters
  • Enable user-designed assays with algorithms for optimization of primers

Product Details

PyroMark supplementary software expands assay flexibility and analysis breadth of Pyrosequencing analysis. Intuitive and user-friendly, these software products give the user access to optimized assay design for genotyping, allele quantification, methylation analysis, and de novo sequencing, as well as a framework for sequence comparison with entries in a local sequence database.


PyroMark Assay Design SW 2.0
The flexible PyroMark Assay Design Software 2.0 optimizes Pyrosequencing analyses. Featuring algorithms for full quality control and smooth import of assays into any PyroMark instrument, this software was constructed based on years of expertise in Pyrosequencing and PCR optimization. With a few clicks, the software designs PCR and sequencing primers for genotyping, allele quantification, sequence analysis, and methylation analysis. For methylation analysis, the software anticipates the bisulfite converted sequence and highlights CpG sites and non-CpG cytosines that can serve as controls.
PyroMark CpG SW 1.0
When analyzing multiple samples, each potentially with several methylation sites, it is important to have the aid of software that enables visualization of sequence-wide patterns, as well as details of specific variable positions. CpG analysis with PyroMark CpG SW 1.0 for the PyroMark Q96 ID and PyroMark Q96 MD provide that functionality. Standard calculations include methylation frequency, quality assessment, mean methylation values per well and replicates, statistical methylation patterns of multiple consecutive sites, and deviation from expected methylation patterns. Results are displayed in simple-to-understand graphical and numerical representations.
PyroMark IdentiFire SW 1.0
PyroMark IdentiFire SW 1.0 facilitates the compilation of a local sequence database, against which Pyrosequencing output are rapidly matched. The raw data, matched hits, and percent concordance of each hit are presented in detailed identification reports. This software is designed to interface directly with the PyroMark Q96 ID, but it also accepts run files imported from the PyroMark Q24.