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Custom LNA Oligonucleotides

Extremely high specificity and sensitivity

Custom locked nucleic acid oligonucleotides (LNA oligonucleotides or LNA oligos) are ideal for studies involving short or very similar sequences. The high affinity of a locked nucleic acid-enhanced oligonucleotide to its complementary sequence results in dramatically improved specificity and sensitivity, when compared with traditional DNA or RNA oligos. In many cases, LNA oligonucleotides can be used to distinguish between sequences differing by only a single nucleotide, a feature that can be critical for the success of many experiments.

If you need custom-designed, LNA-enhanced oligonucleotides, you can either let our LNA experts design them for you or you can design them yourself using the easy-to-use online design tool. You can choose from a wide range of labels and modifications.