For use with QIAGEN centrifuges

    The Plate Rotor 2 x 96 is for use with the QIAGEN Centrifuge 4-16S and 4-16KS. The specifications of the plate rotor include: maximum speed, 6000 rpm; maximum centrifugal force, 5788 x g; height, 70 mm; weight, 2.2 kg; and bucket weight, 0.7 kg.

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    Plate Rotor 2 x 96
    Rotor for 2 QIAGEN 96-well plates; for use with QIAGEN Centrifuges

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    Supplementary Protocols
    The two protocols given below are for the use of the Ni-NTA Superflow 96 BioRobot® Kit in manual procedures. The kit has been specially designed and optimized for automated 6xHis-tagged protein purification on QIAGEN® BioRobot Systems. For more details of the advantages of BioRobot Systems see the Ni-NTA Superflow 96 BioRobot Kit Handbook supplied with the kit or contact one of the QIAGEN Technical Service Departments or local distributors listed on the last page of the handbook.
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    This protocol is designed for 96 parallel plasmid DNA preparations from 1.3 ml overnight cultures.
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