Discovery of Novel miRNA Biomarkers

Realize the potential for miRNA biomarker discovery
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miRNAs are tightly regulated during development and differentiation, and display altered expression in cancer and other diseases, indicating their huge potential as diagnostic, theranostic, and prognostic biomarkers. Explore these exciting possibilities with our miScript solutions. Limited or low-RNA-content samples? Our innovative preamplification process can help you overcome such bottlenecks! Confidently profile large numbers of miRNAs using the integrated miScript PCR System and explore the depth of the miRNA world.

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miScript miRNA PreAMP PCR Kit (12)
For preamplification of cDNA from samples containing low RNA amounts prior to real-time PCR analysis of miRNA
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miRNeasy Serum/Plasma Kit (50)
For purification of cell-free total RNA, including miRNA, from animal and human plasma and serum
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