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QIAseq LNA Library Quant Kit

For quantification of mRNA, whole transcriptome, miRNA or DNA libraries for Illumina NGS platforms
  • Highly accurate quantification using a probe-based system
  • No need to correct for library fragment size
  • Ensures equal loading of samples and optimal sequencing results
  • High-performance LNA probe and LNA primers designed by our LNA experts
  • Available in tubes or ready-to-use PCR plates for easy setup and high reproducibility

The QIAseq LNA Library Quant Kit enables highly accurate quantification of RNA or DNA libraries prior to NGS on Illumina platform through an easy and rapid workflow. The kit uses a dual-labeled hydrolysis probe to provide absolute quantification, so you can pool your sequencing libraries optimally to ensure maximal NGS reads and data analysis power.

Cat No./ID: 339910
QIAseq LNA Library Quant Kit
Dual-labeled hydrolysis probe-based PCR array for library quantification prior to NGS






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