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BioMag Protein A

For high-affinity binding of immunoglobulins, removal of Fc fragments, and immunoassays
  • Highly suited for immunoprecipitation applications
  • Fast and easy batch format, no columns required
  • Easily adaptable to a range of vessel sizes
  • Large particles for rapid cell separation
  • Highly economical

BioMag Protein A suspensions are magnetic particles coated with Protein A, and provide high-affinity binding of immunoglobulins.

Cat No./ID: 311802
BioMag Protein A (10 ml)
8,045.00 kr
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BioMag Protein A suspension (5 mg/ml)

BioMag Protein A suspensions are highly suited for immunoprecipitation applications. They are also well-suited for use in immunoassays or can be used for removal of Fc fragments during Fab fragment purification.

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