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EZ1 DNA Investigator Card

For easy setup of protocols using the EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit on the BioRobot EZ1 workstation
  • Easy protocol setup with credit-card ease of use
  • Standardized processing ensures reproducible results
  • Optimized protocols help to ensure reliable purification
  • Automated purification of genomic DNA

The EZ1 DNA Investigator Card is preprogrammed with protocols for purification of DNA from forensic and human-identity samples using the EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit on the BioRobot EZ1.

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Cat No./ID: 9016387
EZ1 DNA Investigator Card
Preprogrammed card for BioRobot EZ1 DNA Investigator protocols

EZ1 Cards are used in combination with EZ1 Kits on the BioRobot EZ1. Please refer to the specific EZ1 Kit handbook and the BioRobot EZ1 User Manual for information about product use.

Product Details

EZ1 DNA Investigator trace and “tip dance” protocols.
Easy and efficient processing of solid materials with the “tip dance” protocol.
Papers from cigarette butts or 3 paper discs per sample were spotted with 10 ng DNA per sample. After proteinase K digestion, half of the samples were processed using the EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit with the "tip dance" protocol, without removing solid materials from the sample tubes (Tip dance). Solid materials were removed from the remaining half of the samples, which were then processed using the EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit with the standard trace protocol (Trace). DNA yields were quantified by real-time, quantitative PCR.
Higher yields of concentrated DNA with the large-volume protocol.
Easier handling of solid materials with “tip dance” protocol

In addition to the standard trace protocol, an optional, fully automated “tip dance” protocol can be used, where the filter-tip moves back-and-forth relative to the worktable platform while pipetting. This enables processing of solid materials, such as swabs, fabrics, blood discs, or cigarette butts, directly in the sample tube. There is no need for prior centrifugation to remove solid materials that could clog the tip (see flowchart "EZ1 DNA Investigator trace and “tip dance” protocols"). The “tip dance” protocol simplifies handling and, in some cases, increases DNA yield with more efficient extraction of the sample (see figure "Easy and efficient processing of solid materials with the “tip dance” protocol").

Optimized protocol for larger sample volumes

A large-volume protocol enables fully automated processing of starting volumes up to 500 µl. This not only allows efficient DNA purification from dilute samples with low concentrations of DNA, such as diffuse stains, but also enables purification from samples that require larger volumes for thorough lysis. The ability to process larger sample volumes — with the same elution volume as the standard trace protocol — enables higher yields of more concentrated DNA for greater sensitivity in downstream applications (see "Higher yields of concentrated DNA with the large-volume protocol").

EZ1 Cards specify a choice of purification protocols without any manual data entry. Further EZ1 Cards may be purchased at any time  increasing the application range of the BioRobot EZ1.

Simply insert the EZ1 Card with the desired protocol into the EZ1 Card slot and start the instrument.


The high-quality DNA obtained using the EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit and Card with the BioRobot EZ1 workstation is suited for many forensic, environmental, biodefense, biosecurity, and other applied-testing applications, such as:

  • Genotyping, including fingerprinting and paternity analysis
  • Purification of DNA from trace samples, such as casework or crime-scene samples
  • DNA extraction from filters used in environmental testing
  • Routine analysis of reference samples

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For automated purification of DNA from forensic and biosecurity samples using EZ1 instruments
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