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Numerous biomarkers contribute to the development of tumor growth. Identifying relevant mutations in critical genes is necessary to develop a targeted approach to cancer therapy. However, complex workflows, limited samples, long turnaround times result in high costs and can delay actionable data. Our comprehensive Sample to Insight solutions overcome these issues and support your path to oncology advancements.
Global Solid Tumor Summit

Global Solid Tumor Summit

On April 25 and 26, hear how advances in technology, such as dPCR and NGS are driving improvements in biomarker testing in solid tumors.

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QIAGEN can help your lab achieve reproducible, high-quality results – from Sample to Insight. Get accurate information faster, whether you’re a lab with limited resources or a high-throughput facility. Discover our full range of solid tumor products now.
Solid tumor webinar hub

Solid tumor webinar hub

Catch up with our solid tumor webinars on demand, wherever you are, at a time that works for you.

I was able to easily customize the QIAseq HRR Panel for the detection of HRR genes.
Dr. Nils Hartmann, Mainz University Medical Center, Germany