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mericon Quant Legionella spp Kit

For real-time PCR detection and quantification of Legionella species in water
  • Highly sensitive and specific detection of Legionella DNA
  • Streamlined detection protocol
  • PCR run time of 73 minutes on the QIAGEN Rotor-Gene Q
  • Full license for PCR without additional costs
The mericon Quant Legionella spp Kit is designed for the target-specific detection and quantification of various Legionella species DNA in water after concentration (e.g., by filtration). The assay uses a real-time PCR-based protocol and forms part of the comprehensive QIAGEN food testing portfolio, which also features dedicated sample preparation kits and assays for ingredient authentication and GMO DNA detection. The mericon Quant Legionella assay performs optimally on the Rotor-Gene Q, but has also been validated for block thermal cyclers.


Quantitative/qualitative Quantitative
Recommended sample prep QIAamp UCP Pathogen Mini Kit
Sample type Water samples after concentration, e.g. filtration
Thermal cycler Rotor-Gene Q and other cyclers
What detected DNA of respective pathogen

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